21 - 23 August, 2017
Cleveland, OH

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Research laboratories are among the most complex and costly buildings to construct and operate. Download the full agenda for the 2nd Next Generation Research Labs Summit to see the early confirmed speakers and sessions for 2017. You can also receive a copy via email ...

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Curious as to whom you'll run into on the show floor this year? Take a look at who's already signed up to join us.

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Download this snapshot for insight in to who you can expect to meet & network with at the Summit.If you prefer to receive a copy via email contact

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Present your boss with this customizable letter detailing the reasons why you should attend the upcoming Next Generation Research Labs Summit this March in Boston and you'll be sure to receive permission to join us.

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Specialty Labs in Speculative Buildings: NYU at East River Science Park

Take a look at last year's presentation from Mitchell Green, Vice President, Pre-Construction & Principal at Tishman Construction & AECOM.

Sponsorship: Attendee Snapshot

Secure exclusive sponsorship and exhibition opportunities through Thought Leadership Sessions, Workshops Presentations, Innovative Demo Drives and more. Download the Attendee Snapshot to see who you can expect to meet with onsite!

Current Projects and Research Lab Roadmap

In lead up to the 2nd Next Generation Research Labs forum in August, we put together a road map of some of the active projects taking place around the country. Take a look at key research lab investments and ...

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Allocating Resources for Greater Flexibility and Sustainability in AMCs

Summit speaker Carol Karasek, Principal of Science & Technology at Francis Cauffman, discusses the biggest design challenge intrinsic to AMCs, what sort of metrics to utilize when aiming at sustainability, the current trends in the space, and more! If you prefer to receive a copy via email contact us at...

Hospital Transfusion Service Planning And Design to Improve Efficiency

This giant, 48-page presentation comes courtesy of summit speaker Theodore Newell, AIA, Principal, Laboratory Programming, Planning Concept Design at EwingCole. Within Theodore documents best practices on designing blood bank laboratories.

Sharing the Bench: Designing Collaborative Spaces for Research by Theodore

Laboratories today vary from stark, private modules to fully open spaces with interactive white boards, lounge chairs and lattes. Experience suggests that the most successful laboratory facilities provide a variety of workspaces -- that is, areas that are personal, but not too private; open, but not too loud; and a...

Five Thoughts on the Future of Scientific Labs

In recent years, the scientific community and affiliated professions have toyed with the idea of creating a “lab of the future.” Vendors, research organizations, and engineering and design firms have all begun to explore how contemporary scientists work within research environments and how the physical layout of labs can better...

Global Trends in Laboratory Data Knowledge Management Investment 2015 - 2018

Pharma IQ surveyed lab informatics from key pharma and biotech companies to understand their key investment areas and plans in the next 12–18 months. This new infographic provides a first look of the survey results and highlights some of the key technologies and strategies they are looking to employ.

Three Ways to Reduce Capital & Energy Costs in Your 2016 Lab Designs

Successful laboratory design has become more of a moving target than ever as we begin 2016. Identifying the stable trends and ensuring you will not have to pay a fortune to retrofit current designs in 10 years is a challenge. We have nailed down three processes – best practices which...

How Smart is your Laboratory? - Top Challenges of Modern Labs

The progressive incorporation of information technology into all aspects of laboratory operations over recent decades has resulted in fundamental changes in laboratory work. Find out how to handle these changes, and how they affect you.

Construction Costs Analysis: Metrics to Foster Design Success Beyond Estimation Market Outlook

Past speakers James Vermeulen, Co-CEO, and Melissa Chabot, LEED AP, Project Manager, both of Vermeulens, discuss the Macro Economic impacts on Construction Volume and Cost, present trends in median trade costs from January 2009 – Current, and forecast future costs & provide recommendations on project procurement in this past presentation.

Utilizing Lean Management During the Design and Construction Cycle to Increase Productivity and Minimize Waste

The pure intention of a lean approach to anything is to improve processes by eliminating waste and that expending resources for any goal that does not add value to the end customer is waste. In this interview, Construction IQ speaks to Bernita Beikmann, AIA, Associate Principal, HKS and Jennie Evans,...

Maximizing Energy Efficiency in Research Labs

In lead up to the 2nd Next Generation Research Labs summit, we exclusively sat down with Mitch Lyles, Vice President, Engineering & Practice Leader and Todd Griffith, Director of Higher Education Studio, both from AECOM to discuss how their firm is working to help increase the energy efficiency of research labs...

StarLine Case Study

PPPL selects Starline Plug-In Raceway & Track Busway as power distribution solution for new laboratory. Take a look at this exclusive case study to see how PPPL embarked on a project to design a brand new Laboratory of Nano Synthesis in order to continue expanding its plasma research for the production of nano particles.